Backstreet Boys Online Concert to Stop Corona

That's how members of the Backstreet Boys band sang online.  Photo: InstagramThat's how members of the Backstreet Boys band sang online. Photo: Instagram A video suddenly spread online. Members of the Backstreet Boys sing at home on their hit song "I Want It That Way ...". A video has been created with collage of everyone singing. But what will happen with this video?
Coronavirus is rampant in the United States. Meanwhile, Motion Picture Company Fox Star has taken a great initiative. They have organized an online video concert called 'iHeart Living Room Concert for America'. Under this initiative, popular artists and bands will perform online concerts at home and sing. And spread the word about this fund. The money they get from their songs and campaigns will cost Corona. As part of that, members of the Backstreet Boys sing.
Austin Kellerman, founder of NextStar Nation and Austin Kellerman, shared the video of Howie, Nick, Kevin and Brian, writing, "Well done, Backstreet Boys." With a clap and heart emoji. Thousands of fans have said love. "At that time, this reunion of the Backstreet Boys was very urgent," he said.
ব্যাকস্ট্রিট বয়েজের দুই সদস্য। ছবি: ইনস্টাগ্রামTwo members of the Backstreet Boys. Photo: seen onInstagram video, Brian Littrell started with 'You My Fire, My One Desire ...'. Following him were Nick Carter, Kevin Richardson, AJ McLean and Howie Dorro. Through this song, they all call for a confrontation with Corona.
যার যার এলাকায় থেকে গানে অংশগ্রহণ করছেন ব্যাকস্ট্রিট বয়েজ সদস্যরা। ছবি: ইনস্টাগ্রামMembers of the Backstreet Boys are participating in the song from any area. Photo: Three years after its founding onInstagram , they released the first international album 'Backstreet Boys'. And it is through this album that the band recognizes the world anthem. The following year, they released their second album, 'Backstreets Back', to keep up with the series. It also gained worldwide popularity. However, they achieved the ultimate fame through the third album, Millennium. They released their ninth album 'DNA' in the last 20. In addition, the pop and the Contemporary Band have composed music for nine films. The team also has several World Tours.