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Fahmida stuck in London with Corona girl

Fahmida Nabi and his daughter Anmol.  Photo: FacebookFahmida Nabi and his daughter Anmol. Photo: Facebook Coroner Fahmida Nabir has not returned from London due to the horrors of the Corona situation. The musician is stuck there with his only daughter while walking to his younger sister. Fahmida Nabi told the first light from London on Tuesday afternoon.
Fahmida Nabi, a musician, traveled to the UK about a month ago with her daughter. They were supposed to return to Dhaka on Tuesday after their departure. But he is stuck in the UK because of the lockdown situation in the country due to coronavirus infection. Despite the lockdown, the musician is worried about his country.
ফাহমিদা নবী। ছবি: ফেসবুকThe Prophet of Fahmida. Photo:Fahmida Nabi is at Sister Antar's home in the Arch Birch area ofFacebook London. He said, 'Everyone is at home. House arrest The open sky is visible from the windows of the seven-storeyed interior. There is a nice lake, I see the rain water on the window glass. So many suns come in the house this winter, the sun goes down. This rain is this sunshine. It was a dark night, sitting in complete silence before dusk. How does everything look like? '

The Prophet Fahmida said, 'Do this once in a few years. Let's go This time I went. But did not travel. Without understanding it locked everything down. This is a silent city, now so much silence. There are no cars on the road, no people, I am at the peak of silence. '
ফাহমিদা নবী। ছবি: ফেসবুকThe Prophet of Fahmida. Photo: Facebookis not leaving home immediately, but Fahmida Nabi said that she is going out of urgent need. He said, 'During the lockdown you have to get out sometimes, keep the distance. You have to be very careful. Don't let more people enter the store. Listening, lockdown can be given for another 6 months. I do not understand what to do.

During this time of the coronavirus, the Fahmida Prophet was also getting different perceptions. Speaking of his own perception, he said, 'Something could happen on earth, nobody could think. Everything was going as normal. We were never familiar with such a situation. Suddenly, the whole world stopped. There is no division between the high and the low, the rich and the poor. Everyone is now in the house. Coronavirus infection can come under control, if everyone is at home. I have always been thinking about Bangladesh at home. If you can go live. Now I can understand the tension of the country more. ' 

ফাহমিদা নবী। ছবি: ফেসবুকThe Prophet of Fahmida. Photo: FacebookCorona Fahmida Nabi's mind goes random. One of the main reasons for not being able to return home is the confusion. Fahmida Prophet said, 'When can I return to my own country, I do not know! Anmol in the heart of the house, spend the day with the Tazarian. Yet Dhaka is pulling, its mind is troubled for its address! I wonder when the whole world will be released from this great disaster. '

Fahmida Nabi writes on her Facebook experience of how she is spending time at home in London. He writes, 'I am living in a house detention. So to keep myself mentally busy, I am busy from morning to night. Ever cooking Rice flour baking bread made baked bread, but it is fairly good to eat. Thinking I will open a restaurant back in Dhaka. I will name it "Jodatali". Because, living so fast, in the name of what is evil. I've never been outside watching TV. Looking at what looks good on YouTube. Cleaning the house And Facebook friends are always there. '
ফাহমিদা নবী ও তাঁর মেয়ে আনমোল। ছবি: ফেসবুকFahmida Nabi and his daughter Anmol. Photo: FacebookFahmida Nabi wrote on his Facebook, 'Stuck the movement, not locked myself! It is the beginning of accounting for one's own actions. How quickly all the arrangements of life changed. Not a war, but I'm standing on a battlefield, eyes in the sky in silent tears! No one, no one? In such a troubling way, who knows when the virus is falling, nobody knows! So be careful. You have to keep yourself awake by being aware! Even if nobody wants to come home to visit! No one will say that you have become very antisocial. The world is changing. The death toll against the coroner is increasing daily. Wondering if people can win in this human war? No one knows when that will happen! I'm just waiting for the unknown. In the hope that everything will be okay! '
Fahmida Nabi says the coronavirus has created a big question in her mind. It is not known when the whole world will be released from this curse. When will everyone return to dream of running away? I always say people hope to live. Maybe I'm hoping for a day when everything will change, the good, true wind returns. Nature also breathes, I forgot. So the work to restore the balance of nature is underway! The creator may be reviving man, so people will become accustomed to a new time in their habit. After many sorrows, happiness will come, I hope. Many people will find a little light in the dark and move towards the light, now is the right time to rectify it. '


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