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How does it feel if the coroner recovers, and the patient experiences it

The number of coronavirus cases is increasing worldwide. Many are recovering. The US Media Business Insider has released a report on what the recovery experienced the five.

The report, released on Tuesday, said that the experience of recovery is one of many. It depends on the symptom level, age, health condition before the attack, etc. Getting the best out of some cases means leaving the coronar completely, in some cases permanent lung damage.
Clay Bentley, a middle-aged U.S. citizen, suffered from chronic glandular disease (rheumatoid arthritis). After attending a prayer in the church, he suffered from coronas. He started feeling ill on March 7 and was admitted to hospital on March 7. He was breathing. It seemed so weak that he could not stand alone.
"I felt like I couldn't breathe," Bentley said. I couldn't even get up from the sitting position. ' He said that he started feeling better than before. Doctors then told him that the fluid that had accumulated in his lungs was no more.
Bentley was then sent home from the hospital; Although he had to stay in a separate room in the home quarantine for two weeks. Todd Harman of New York is 7 years old. While he was recovering from influenza, breathing was seen. The next day he got a chance to test. His coronary test was diagnosed.
Harman said that shortness of breath was the biggest symptom in his case. Even when walking from one side of your apartment to the other, breathing would begin. He felt a little tired and had a headache.
Washington's Elizabeth Snyder was attacked on February 22 at home. After three days, he started feeling ill. At first, he thought he was infected.
Elizabeth said, 'I had no cough. There was no breathing problem. Did not experience any problems in the chest. That's why I thought I was suffering from influenza. "
Many of those who attended the event reported similar signs on social media. Seeing that, Elizabeth went to the doctor. Corona was caught two weeks after the incident. Corona is found even by examining other people attending the event.
Elizabeth said her fever was gone. He is no longer feeling ill.
Carl Goldman, a passenger on the Diamond Princess Cruise Ship, is 7 years old. He also suffered from coronas. He said the symptoms were severe fever and shortness of breath at the beginning. Later dry cough is seen. "It's a different kind of disease," he said. Not like cold or influenza. I didn't have my nose closed, my throat. There was no headache. '
As a fifth person, Business Insider describes the experience of a Scottish citizen, aged six. Although his name was not released. The man said he was diagnosed with coronary artery six days after returning from Italy. He said he had no symptoms in his body. He also went to the office for two days. He had a slight fever the next day and night. In winter he trembles. Pain begins in the body, especially in the legs. Later breathing and coughing also occurred. He was admitted to the hospital after being caught by Corona. He said the symptoms went away after a few days. Now he no longer has fever, pain, cough or shortness of breath.


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