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OnePlus 8 PRO - Everything We Know! 4vip.

what is going on everyone its Emon

here and today we're gonna talk about

oneplus devices their next generation

what there is to be excited about

so the oneplus eight line is following

up a very successful year where oneplus

released four different devices the

seven the seven pro at the start of the

year the 70 as well as the 70 pro at the

end of the year all of which were very

impressive devices that had a very

smooth experience the oneplus 7 pro was

very well built one of the most

beautiful phones on the market and my

favorite colored blue it had a triple

camera setup and with the 90 Hertz

display it was a very fast filling

device with one of my favorite Android

experiences as well the one thing that I

didn't like as much though is the huge

curve on the display on the edge but at

the second half of the year one plus and

now it's a 70 which got rid of the big

curve on the edge and also has the 90

Hertz as well which kind of replace it

as my favorite Android phone of the year

even though one plus devices started out

in the budget range and kind of slowly

increased over time I feel like some of

the features that they have added really

do justify that so if you guys remember

last year Apple booked their event the

same day as oneplus had planned to in

New York City so assuming the Apple

rumors are correct with a March 31st

announcement for the budget iPhone we

know that it certainly wouldn't be that

but reports are pointing towards a

oneplus event at late March or early

April which is a bit different to what

they've done in previous years of a May

announcement so today I'm going to talk

about the expected features of the

oneplus 8 pro as well as other oneplus

devices that we expect to see throughout

the end of the year the oneplus 8 light

and also the oneplus 8 some of the

features that we might have been waiting

for as well as what we expect it to look

like and just like in everything we know

if you guys want to stay tuned for some

videos as soon as these devices come out

just make sure you subscribe to the

channel drop a like in this video and

there's a good chance I'm going to

giving away my seventy when the next

generation comes out so when it comes to

the display this Pro is looking like it

could have a size of six point six seven

inches with a qhd+ AMOLED display at a

resolution of 31 40 by 1440 we are

expecting to see some curved edges which

is somewhat unfortunate in my personal

opinion but the CEO of oneplus even

mentioned at CES that the major phones

will have a refresh rate of up to 120

Hertz the 90 Hertz on the 7 Pro is ready

one of my favorite display experiences

with having very accurate but vibrant

colors other companies like razor and a

sous which are more gaming focus have

also done the higher refresh rate as

well but oneplus is one of the first to

do it on like a mainstream consumer

device with Samsung's s20 line being

able to do 120

Hertz at only 1080p I do expect that to

be the same as the oneplus devices

because running 120 Hertz at qhd+ even

with a larger battery is gonna train it

very fast and it's just not necessary

the good news though is that when you're

not running at 120 Hertz you can run it

at 90 Hertz natively which is something

of the Samsung devices couldn't do which

was kind of unfortunate

it was either 60 or 120 it just goes to

show though that even with better

processors that are more powerful and

even more efficient as well as display

technology with higher refresh rates

battery technology just hasn't evolved

as fast and that is the same trend in

2021 Plus this next generation device is

also expected to ditch the pop up camera

mechanism first thing in the 7 Pro in

favor of a hole-punch camera on the

front even though at the time this was

like a very cool change and feature to

see with a pop-out mechanism it honestly

wasn't something I added much functional

value aside from giving you a screen

that had no notch and no hole I feel

like a reason for this though could be

to make some more room for the battery

because the mechanism on the top does

take up quite a bit of space as opposed

to just having a small cutout on the

side this display though could

definitely give Samsung a run for its

money especially with the 240 Hertz

touch panel as well and up to 1000 nits

of brightness but personally I've

actually liked oneplus displays more

than Samsung just because of the colors

and the way it just feels like it's more

accurate but also vibrant at the same

time oneplus this kind of parent company

Oppo has also been working on some

display technology that allows you to

have the camera underneath the screen

and become completely invisible when

it's not being used this may be the

direction of where the hole-punch camera

is heading and oneplus themselves have

also been testing a concept phone which


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