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Top 10 paid Amazon Best Sellers Books of The Year.

The Top 10 Amazon Best Sellers Books are:

1.The Missing Sister Kindle Edition

2.Wall of Silence Kindle Edition

3.In an Instant Kindle Edition

4.The Other Family: A Novel Kindle Edition

5.Rain Will Come Kindle Edition

6.Now, Then, and Every when (Chronos Origins     Book 1) Kindle Edition

8.The Last Bathing Beauty Kindle Edition

9.Where the Forest Meets the Stars Kindle Edition

10.When We Believed in Mermaids: A Novel Kindle Edition

                                                              About Books

Alexa played my workmates okay I decided

to join Amazon books because I'm

currently a graduate student my career

was in technology of an engineering

degree and this is my retirement job we

have not just folks who have other

technologies in the store as well

the team in Amazon books is trained to

really assist our customers we aren't

just here to shelve books we're here to

engage the customer folks will come up

to me and ask for very personal things

and they really appreciate that I can

connect with them on that level

you build kind of like a trust with

folks when you help them find new books

it's all about leading discovery and

helping people find those new


we just gotta connect through technology

you get to talk to Alexa you get to find

them both that have like 10,000 views on

the website there's a great selection

called page turners those are books that

Kindle readers have read in three days

or less we have so many if you like

sections which are so helpful it is a

very fast-paced quick environment

everyday we're on our toes the folks

that they hire love books and they love

devices and they really are passionate

about what's here

I felt so welcomed on my first day

working here

I love the team that we have we're

always gonna get new titles this is

really the dream store for someone who

loves books


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