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TOP 10 Rich Cricketers In The World.

TOP 10 Rich Cricketers In The World.

10. yuvraj singh 245CR

9. shane watson 275CR

8. v. sehwag 277CR

7. shane warne 346CR

6. brian lara 415CR

5.R. ponting 450CR

4.J Kallis 500 CR

3. Virat Kohli 638CR

2. MS Dhoni 767 CR

1. S. Tendulkar 810 CR

look I feel tense because we're on the

eve of what many and the outside believe

is the biggest game in England's men's

cricket history you can talk ashes you

can talk all sorts it looks really

relaxed your route has just had a hit so

he's walking away and Rashida's

following him after a very long ball if

we walk this way a couple of coaches

there Trevor Bayliss and Graham Thorpe

having a chat maybe about final

preparations or individual players and

then to the real business end of the

thing Moen alley and a couple of us

standing there and the Nets going on in

illness right now how critical will be

Jason Roy and Johnny Bairstow again I

think that's gonna be fascinating if New

Zealand can nip them out

you still think with route a Morgan just

Butler to come batting that have so much

depth and they're bowling with Archer

and these guys the deepest possibly the

most well-planned team for a final of a

men's welcome Trent Boult has join me

Trent having gone through the tournament

how much of tomorrow's game will be

mental how much will be physical and

technical yeah good question I think

it's going to be a combination of a lot

of things obviously experiencing a final

in 2015 yeah it's a big stage there's no

doubt about it but I think there's not

gonna be too many secrets or any

formulas found today I think the hard

works been done throughout the last kind

of seven weeks we've been here and it

just comes down to excitement managing

that excitement and embracing the

challenge that's about to be put on us

tomorrow so it's gonna be good fun what

can you tell me then in terms of what

you'll be working on 2d that is not a

giveaway to the opposition I think Dave

before trainings for me personally

anyway just trying to find something

that I can take into tomorrow some sort

of confidence obviously it's a unique

ground out here to our lifts for the

booking in one way so it's always an

interesting place to Bowl but ya just

gotta get the bite at the body moving

look to find the right deliveries that I

want to take in tomorrow if you're not

gonna give away too much but yeah just

so I cup everything that comes with this

occasion so it sounds awesome

is there any difference in the way that

you as a tea

and even really have to operate as

opposed to India with the depth of this

English batting lineup I suppose you

could draw some comparisons between the

lineups extremely good betters all the

way through the order I wouldn't say

they rely on certain guys but you know

the oversee looking to bet around

certain players and it's no secret that

they've been doing very well at the top

of the innings setting a good platform

for other guys to come in and catch them

off so of course my role on the side and

asked his opening boulders we're trying

to disturb that rhythm take you early

wickets and I think for us it's about

pitching the ball up and trying to be

aggressive as we can so that's the

challenge and hopefully we can pull it

off on a big stage yeah for New Zealand

I mean the way they ended their warm-up

session to me was was an inside looking

into them very relaxed jumping and

cheering at the end of their foot

volleyball session and now to this over

my left shoulder

Craig Macmillan having a deep insightful

chat with several of the guys on the

opposite side a little bit of catching

going on and as Trent Boult said I think

the bowling is gonna have to be at its

best best to get through this England

lineup but New Zealand they often punch

above their weight as people said there

is probably little expectation or not as

much pressure as England so I can't wait

for this will the final narrative be New

Zealand's first World Cup win


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