You can watch three movies of different tastes

You can watch these three movies at home.  Photo: CollectedYou can watch these three movies at home. Photo: Gene Jean Seberg was born in the United States, but became famous in France. One more step further, the legendary French painter Jean-Luc Gadar immortalized him on the world stage. She is the main female character in the Breathless film. Last year, Seborg was photographed with this gene.
What is the life of this woman dedicated to acting? Sixties then. Black people have taken to the streets of the United States to claim their rights. In that movement, Jinn stood by the leader of the Black Panther party, Hakim Jamal. His support for blacks was funded. The acquaintance with Hakim Jamal arrived in a manner filled with tension. And the odor dried up and the FBI got into it. Jin's mind and life were shattered.
Benedict Andrews made this film with a few genuine characters in the throes of a historical social movement. Kristen Stewart plays the role of Jean Seberg as her fans. The image of the 26-year-old, hidden under the name of the picture was different.
Luke Besson is now for those who are beating their heads for not seeing a blood-stained thriller. The director, who burst into the box office box, has brought a girl named Ana to a nuclear bomb. Those who have seen his La Fame Nikita or Lucy before, know that the strange woman is a devastating whirlwind. Durbala to coral.
‘সেবার্গ’ সিনেমার একটি দৃশ্য। ছবি: সংগৃহীতA scene from the movie 'Seberg'. Photo: The collection is brought to the attention of the girl's story. The KGB eyes on boycott. Thereafter, the detective murdered in the intelligence business. From there again in the grip of CI. But the last one? Look at that room. The story twists in the episode. What seems to be very straightforward now, in the course of time, it became Dhaka. And the last one is an attempt to get out of some of Hollywood's usual bouts. You do not have the time to get up in the middle of the picture. Sit with food and drinks.
But what is the best picture of the last year in the whole world? What, parasite? Ok Still, I request that you see the pain and glory of Spain-based filmmaker Pedro Almodovar. Then consider yourself.
‘পেইন অ্যান্ড গ্লোরি’র একটি দৃশ্য। ছবি: সংগৃহীতA View of Pain and Glory Pictures: Those who have watched Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down, All About My Mother or Talk to Her, know how Pedro Almodovar is able to tie raw emotion into a strong bond. "Pain and Glory" is his autobiography. In this film are his forever favorites Antonio Banderas and Penelope Cruz. But swear, you don't know this Antonio Banderas. The story of this film is a proud life of a filmmaker. This is the pain of the traumatized body, of past relationships, of creative crisis. Antonio has reinvented himself as an actor in the pain of mind, body and creativity as a painter. Cinematographers have blessed him last year. Earlier, the award for Best Actor was also taken for this film.
Check out three of the different taste photos released last year. Sit with family members, not alone.